Opera time!

Opera time!

Babies love to hear singing, especially their mama’s singing. Experts suggest that narrating what you’re doing helps build baby’s language skills.

So, why not combine the singing and the narrating and make an opera of your everyday activities? You may feel silly at first, but baby will love it! “Now, we’re going down the stairs! Oh no, where did I put my keys? Here they are!”

If you’re feeling a bit shy about singing, try a short little musical routine while you’re changing baby’s nappy. It’s a great way to distract her, especially when she’s a bit more active and has discovered how to move around on the changing mat!

Imagine that you are starring in a hit musical on Broadway and you have a super-appreciative audience too! Put on your best opera voice and animated faces while singing. I’ve been known to dance around the kitchen with my little one, singing away Mary Poppins-style.

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