A pirate’s treasure bottle

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A pirate’s treasure bottle

This homemade toy may look like nothing more than a bottle of rice, but roll it once or twice, and a host of hidden objects will appear before your eyes.

Playing with the treasure bottle is a great way of building the important eye muscles in your little one, and also aids concentration and hand-eye coordination. All that learning in one plastic bottle!

You’ll need a clear plastic soft drink bottle or clear plastic jar with strong lid; treasure trinkets such as beads, buttons, plastic insects, sequins, Lego etc, rice, strong tape (electrical tape works well).

Remove the label from the bottle or the clear plastic jar with tight lid (try soaking the bottle in hot water for a while, or purchase specific “sticky” remover).

Gather your choice of pirate trinkets and put them in the bottle. Then add uncooked rice to fill the bottle two-thirds of the way and tightly screw on the cap, taping it tightly with the electrical tape. Shake well to conceal the objects then give the bottle to your little one to try to spot the “treasure”.

Remember objects like coins and pebbles tend to fall into the middle, while lightweight plastic beads, buttons, and trinkets are easier to spot.

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