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The concept of “magic” and making things disappear is of great interest to your little one right now. Encourage this enjoyment by playing a magic “hide and seek” game with their favourite toys.

Start by finding a toy small enough to fit into your hand. Let your little one see the toy in your hand, or let them hold and play with it for a few minutes before taking it back. Put both hands behind your back now, and say “where has it gone?”

Bring your hands to the front again and ask him “Which hand is it in?”

Ask a few times using your best confused voice! When he looks puzzled or reaches for your hand, open it to show him the toy saying, “here it is, well done, you found it!”.

When your child starts to catch on to the trick you can vary the game by changing the hand the toy first goes into when behind your back.

Another fun idea is to play the magic cup game. Using a small toy once again, line up nesting cups and hide the toy underneath one, right where your child can see. Then ask them to find it for you. Don’t forget to say “Abracadabra” when the toy vanishes!

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