Baby garden!

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Baby garden!

Spread a blanket out in the garden and spend some time with baby exploring the world around you.

Pick some flowers and grass and tickle baby with them, or let her crawl and explore the ground by herself. Bring her attention to creepy crawlies and talk about being “gentle” with flowers and insects. If you’re feeling creative you can make some daisy chains for you and baby.

You may be lucky enough to spot some colourful ladybirds and bumblebees. You can make the bee’s buzzing sound and watch how your little one reacts.

Wave strong-smelling herbs under baby’s nose to stimulate her senses, rosemary or chives are good.

If you have a toy windmill why not plant it in the garden and let the breeze work its magic. Baby will find the toy’s movement fascinating.

Get some bubble mixture and gently blow bubbles in baby’s direction, being careful to avoid any popping close to her.

If the weather is co-operating you could have a little picnic outside and let baby enjoy eating food in the fresh air.

Try this even if it’s not balmy weather, crisp spring days can be so fresh your baby will enjoy the change of scenery – just make sure you wrap up well.

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