Bottles, bottles and more bottles!

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Bottles, bottles and more bottles!

Make your own set of baby shakers and rattles.

Collect different sized bottles such as water or soft drink bottles or purchase small clear plastic bottles with lids that are secure (Muji has a great range).

Fill the bottles with sound-makers like rice, small pebbles, lentils or pasta. You can also use colourful items like beads, glitter or other sparkling shiny shapes.

Don’t put too much of your noisy ingredients into the bottles, it’s good to have a bit of space for them to shake about in. Make sure that you then securely seal the containers with duct tape.

You could even use water with a dash of food colouring or a drop of oil can be visually interesting.

Use the bottles to shake, rattle or roll and change the contents regularly to keep them interesting. Play some of your favourite tunes on your computer or smartphone and encourage baby to shake her new instruments along to the music.

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