Bubble magic

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Bubble magic

The simple joy of watching a grown-up blowing lovely, floating bubbles never fails to win over the most tired of little ones.

Bubbles are a great way to enjoy one-on-one time with your child, and are a really simple way of teaching about what our mouths can do! Bubble-makers now come in non-spill varieties so little ones can have a go.

There are also electric bubble machines for maximum bubbles with minimum effort and even star-shaped bubble wands that are activated by running and walking!

To make it a bit more interesting you can count the bubbles as you blow them. Try to make some funny bubble shapes by joining them together before they float away.

So go on, grab a bubble kit – and don’t forget the all-important bubble mixture refill – from your nearest toy shop. Keep a bubble kit in the car, in the nappy bag and anywhere else that might be handy!

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