Feely bag fun

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Feely bag fun

Sometimes the best ingredients for fun are already in your home. This home-made feely bag is a great way to introduce the concept of texture to your little one.

Start off by gathering together a few different textured items that are small enough to fit inside a child-sized bag.

The reusable cotton shopping bags are great for this kind of play. You can always write your little one’s name on it with some glitter glue and decorate it with some buttons or stickers.

Examples of items that you can pop into the bag are a pot scourer, a wooden spoon, a pair of fluffy ear-muffs, a jar lid, a feather, a stone and a plastic comb.

Give the bag to your little one to explore when you need to entertain fast, and remember to use words like hard or soft, smooth and rough as they pull out each item.

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