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Find me

This is playful way to develop body awareness.

Say or sing “where is Daddy’s/Mummy’s nose?”, then touch your nose saying, “Here it is!”. Then say “Where is Molly’s nose?” and touching her nose say, “There it is!”. Repeat with other facial features and body parts.

You can change the tune or voice (high or deep) for added entertainment. Then move onto where is the chair? Where is the front door? Where is teddy? Where is the ball?

This is a great nappy-changing distraction game, or when waiting in the queue at the supermarket, for example, you can say where is the bread? Where is the milk? It will keep your little one happy for those precious extra minutes while you finish doing the shopping.

This also develops your child’s language skills while making them giggle at the same time. For a little bit of variety you can ask grandma and grandpa to play this game with baby too.

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