Fun jars

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Fun jars

This is a simple yet individualised craft to make for little children that has a multitude of different uses. The fun jars are a little like treasure baskets but on a smaller scale and can be used as storage for small toys.

Make up different collections like wooden blocks, squeaky toys, feathers, paintbrushes or old make-up brushes, metal spoons, play dough, magazine cuttings, crayons, tissue paper etc. With all these possible collections the fun jar is almost invaluable!

You can either go out and buy some fancy jars to suit your individual taste – Ikea have a good range – or make your own by collecting a range of empty transparent plastic jars in any size you like (jam or coffee jars are good for smaller items). Remove any labels still on the jar and clean it well.

Decorate them with pictures or photographs of family, friends or pets, bright coloured wrapping paper etc. The contents should not be visible from the outside. Fill the jar and change the contents regularly and, hopefully, enjoy your little one’s inquisitive nature. These jars are great for keeping your little one happy for a while as you dry your hair or finish getting ready to go out – vital mommy moments!

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