Explore jars

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Explore jars

A selection of jars and tubs filled with interesting objects will keep an inquisitive baby engaged.

If you have the creative flair, try covering some tubs and jars with bright pictures (family and friends, animals etc. ). Then fill the newly decorated (and personalised!) containers with small toys like blocks, shakers, plastic balls, other smaller containers etc.

Obviously ensure the size of the objects is not a choking hazard. Wobblers love to pull things in and out, so why not let them with their own set of toy fun jars! If you can find matching objects all the better – one jar can be for hard things one for soft, one blue, one red, one yellow etc.

These will keep your litle one entertained for a while and can easily be stored away in a drawer or kitchen cupboard for another playtime. To keep your little one interested you can change the contents of the containers once in a while.

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