Home railroad

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Home railroad

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere! Why not go on a train ride?

Start by lining up your kitchen or dining room chairs one behind the other in a neat row. Explain to your toddler that you’ve made a train and it needs someone to drive it and it needs passengers too (teddies make the best passengers).

Use a lid from a pot and take it in turns “driving” the train from the front seat. Don’t forget you need a ticket, so hand out some small pieces of cardboard and a hole punch for authenticity!

Talk about where the train is headed. Are you going to the park? Are you going to visit Grandma? Or maybe you are heading to the zoo? What will you do when you get there?

What do you see along the way? And do you need to pack a bag as well? The sillier the story, and the more imaginative, the more fun and the longer you will get out of this activity.

Have your toddler practise role-playing by taking on different roles on the train, like becoming the conductor, the driver, a passenger or the person who runs the snack cart. And don’t forget the “choo-choo” train sound!

If you happen to have three or more cardboard boxes, they make great movable trains too, just a little harder for you to climb on board!

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