I can dress myself

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I can dress myself

Here comes Mr/Miss Independent!

Lay out a selection of your little one’s clothes and challenge him to have a go at dressing himself. Yes it’s a tricky task, but they get a lot of satisfaction from giving it a go, so encourage all efforts!

To up his odds of succeeding, omit any difficult clothing items and stick with simple things like socks, mittens, hats and large sweaters.

My little one was fascinated with shoes (which he called ‘shuzz’) and every time he picked them up and tried to put them on, it was a sign that he wanted to go outside and play!

You can make it more interesting for your wobbler by bringing then to the window and checking what the weather is like. If it’s cold (brrrr!) then find a nice warm, woolly hat that he can put on. If it’s a warm day, you can rummage in the wardrobe for a favourite T-shirt.

Let him see himself in the mirror and be sure to tell him what a great job he’s done getting himself dressed.

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