Indoor bowling

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Indoor bowling

Gather about 10 items to serve as bowling pins, (empty milk cartons, plastic drink bottles, upside-down paper cups, kitchen roll cores etc). Set up the “bowling pins” like in a bowling alley. Mark a line with tape. It’s a good idea to try this in a corridor as it will help your little bowler with rolling the ball in the right direction.

Have your toddler stand behind the line of tape in your ‘bowling alley’. Give her a small yet heavy enough ball and tell her to try to knock down all the pins. Let her keep rolling the ball until she knocks them all down. Set up your bowling pins again and start all over!

This is a great addition to your playtime “arsenal”, and as with all our suggestions ideally the props for this game should be stored in a box or bag, allowing your toddler to choose from a variety of games.

For example ask her: “What game would you like to play now? Bowling? shopping? post man? making collage? play dough” etc. Your toddler will get so much more out of playtime with this structure, enjoy.

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