Instant blocks

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Instant blocks

Don’t have a set of blocks handy at Grandma’s house? The lovely yet ancient china tea set is starting to look a bit too tempting to your curious child? Don’t worry!

Have a good look around you for lightweight hardcover books (not the special ones), tissue boxes, plastic square tubs with lids, shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes are good, provided you take the contents out first and anything else of a square or rectangle shape!

Demonstrate how to stack these random items one on top of the other and there you go: Instant blocks to save your sanity!

Encourage your little one to build their own tower. Once it’s up (and not too wobbly), take it in turns to knock it down. Your little builder will love watching it tumble. This play helps with motor skills and they’re learning about sizes and shapes as well as cause and effect.

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