Kitchen fun

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Kitchen fun

If you haven’t already handed over a bottom drawer or cupboard in your kitchen to your little one, now is the time to think about it. This works from when they can sit-up and it will give them hours of entertainment while you work in the kitchen.

Fill the drawer/cupboard with plastic Tupperware, metal and wooden spoons, spatulas, lids, pots etc. This should be a toy-free zone because it’s a “copy what mummy is doing” place.

When you start your cooking, suggest they do their cooking with their pots and pans. When I do this with my little one it usually turns into a drumming session but that’s ok, it’s some loud ‘music’ to dance to while cooking in the kitchen!

Next time you’re tempted to buy a fancy toy think about investing in some good Tupperware or some plastic bowls and a few wooden spoons instead.

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