Let’s exercise

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Let’s exercise

It might seem that your little one has a never-ending supply of energy and enthusiasm, so have fun together in this structured exercise routine! Play some fun, rhythmic music and announce that it’s “exercise time” before you begin.

Let your child mirror your simple bending and stretching movements like these: put your hands on your head, touch the floor (well, at least she will!), shake your hands way up high or shake them out far in front of you. Wiggle your hips, pause, then do it again.

Sweep your arms over your head, sit on the floor and touch your toes. Lie down on your back next to her and put your feet in the air, and do the same with your hands. For a change of scene, try lying on your tummy and using your hands to push up, just like tummy time when she was younger! Then let her lead you through her own series of “exercises”.

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