Make it shake!

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Make it shake!

It is undeniable just how much fun little ones get from music and their first musical instruments. You don’t need to go out and buy your mini-maestro their very own three-piece band kit if you give these fun craft ideas a go.

Shakers become first musical instruments at this age, so channel your creativity and make some music!

Simple sound maker: Using an empty large coffee can, put in a handful of marbles, acorns, pebbles, or small stones, and then secure the lid tightly. Cover with paper and decorate. A crawler can rattle these along the floor while a walker will practise carrying and shaking it.

First maraca: Using an empty clear soft drink bottle, fill with any of the following items: chopped up pieces of kitchen sponge, marbles or clean pebbles, glitter, and tiny pieces of cut up tinfoil. Fill the bottle with clean water and either glue or Sellotape the lid on tightly.

Rice Rattler: Place a handful of rice or pebbles inside a small plastic bottle or a container and it will make a nice gentle rattle. Secure the lid tightly and let them make some noise! Remember to remove the containers from baby once they become capable of taking lids off.

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