Make your own matching game

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Make your own matching game

Small children respond well to the visual, and are very interested in colourful, glossy pictures of the world in which they live. You can encourage this interest with a little bit of preparation and effort when making this fun matching game.

Start by collecting a variety of pictures that match each other in some way (these could be found in old magazines). Good examples include pictures of a puppy, a lead and collar or pictures of a baby, a bottle and a nappy. You could also use pictures of a pot plant, watering can, and soil etc.

Once you have collected a minimum of 10 “sets” of matching pictures, glue each individual one onto a solid piece of cardboard. You can now use these matching pictures as a flash-card game.

Put the cards on the floor or at the table in front of your little one. Talk about what is in each picture and why the other items “match” it. For example “Here is a nice puppy…he needs his lead and his collar to go for a walk”. “Let’s find them together”.

Never mind if it’s tricky, what is most important is not the matching, but the development of the language as you play together.

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