Moving shapes!

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Moving shapes!

This fun activity helps toddlers learn about shapes and colours.

Draw a variety of large shapes on sheets of construction paper. (Be sure to choose only one colour per shape).

Write the name of the colour and shape in the middle of each one. Cut out the shapes and scatter them across the floor either randomly or in a pattern.

Have your child walk, run or jump through the course by calling out different shapes or colours and motor functions. (For example, “Walk to the red circle”, “Run to the blue triangle”, “Hop to the yellow rectangle”).

Be sure to offer lots of praise when your little one finds the right one. Toddlers usually love this type of game so they will soon get familiar with the basic shapes.

And the great thing about this game is that you can play it inside or, if the weather is good, outside in the garden.

To mix it up a little bit you could use masking tape to stick the shapes to the floor and then get some soft balls or small bean bags to randomly throw at the shapes and see where they roll or land, naming the shapes as you go along.

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