My beloved baby book

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My beloved baby book

“Who loves Jane?” asks your little one’s story book, and the answers are as varied as the photographs in this easy-to-make set of story cards.

Little ones are beginning to understand different emotions right now, even if they can’t quite verbalise them, but one they really understand is the feeling of loving someone or something else!

This is obvious as you start to notice how they attach from week to week to a favourite teddy bear, Auntie Sue or the neighbour’s dog!

Try to keep up with these new feelings with this activity. You’ll need a scrapbook or photo album, glue or paste each photo to a piece of card and write the name of the person or pet and the things that they love to do, such as “Grandma loves to give hugs” under each photo.

You can always take photos of your baby with his favourite toys or the family pet and add them to the book, writing “Baby loves Coco the cat”.

This is a sweet way of showing your little one who loves them, and what each person in turn loves as well… Auntie Sue loves Uncle Jack, Mummy and Daddy love Sam.

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