Baby’s Day Album

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Baby’s Day Album

With a little bit of preparation and planning, you can make a book that is all about your little person!

As you know, little ones LOVE to read, love to be read to, and even simply love to look at a book someone else happens to be reading! An individualised story will entertain and fascinate your child.

Spend some time over a typical day (or week) taking photos of your little one going through his normal routine. Take photos from his waking up in his cot, lying on the change table, getting dressed and having breakfast.Take photos of anything and everything in between waking up and the end of the day like going for a buggy stroll, having his bottle, visiting neighbours and even having a bath. Take photos right up till bedtime. Print the photos and collate into an order that starts in the morning and ends at night. Cut the photos to fit the photo album.

The baby’s day album can be read to them as a story over and over again.

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