My first senses book

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My first senses book

Young children learn best at this age through using their senses. Here is a great way to introduce all the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. You’ll need 6 pieces of paper, a hole punch, string, glue, crayons.

Alternatively a hardcover binder book with pages inside will work just as well. Make a page for each sense, using magazine cut-outs or photos found online (try and paste pictures that correspond with each of the senses. Examples include:

  • Smell Ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, scratch and sniff stickers, cotton make-up puffs dipped in natural oils or perfume.
  • Taste Pictures of favourite foods that your little one likes to eat, for example avocado, banana, pureed carrot.
  • Touch Feathers, satin, wool pieces, ridged and bumpy textured stickers, pieces of material like felt or velvet, aluminium foil and sandpaper.
  • Hearing Pictures of things that make an obvious and distinctive noise like a fire truck, ambulance, dog, church bell and a monkey.
  • Sight Pictures of things you can see (trees, clouds, flowers, family pet etc).

As you go through the senses book with your little one, chat to him about which of the smells he likes – and the ones he doesn’t! Get him to feel all the different materials and textures. Try to mimic some of the sounds that you might hear, for example a fire truck.

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