My first (water) tea party

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My first (water) tea party

Would you like to come to a tea party? Imagine the rush of independence that comes when your little one is allowed to be in charge of her very own tea party! This is a great game to play after nap-time. Start building up the suspense in advance, “I have a surprise for you”, “wait till you see who’s come for tea!”.

Hopefully you’ve had time to invite some “friends”, gather together all your little one’s special friends teddies/animals/dolls or dinosaurs.

Lay out the picnic blanket on the floor, but leave the set-up to the waiter or waitress! I find an old wipeable oil table cloth is great underneath the picnic blanket to safeguard against any spills.

Let you little one, sorry, host, lay out the tea set (plastic good, wedding china bad!), and ask them for some tea for Miss Teddy or Mrs Cow or T-Rex! I think Blue Teddy wasn’t happy with his tea he wanted a green tea. Oh and don’t forget to put a little water in the teapot (what’s a spill or two of water between friends!).

After you’ve both couldn’t possible drink any more ‘tea’, encourage your little one to tidy up their tea set so that it’s ready for the next tea party!

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