My photo box

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My photo box

Little ones love to look at photos of themselves and other little people so this homemade photo box just for them is great.

You’ll need a large selection of photos of other wobblers’ faces in a variety of moods. Wobblers and children you know are good but you can be creative and use images from magazines and the internet too (try

Find an empty shoe box or gift box with the lid still in good condition. For extra pizzazz cover the box in some of the photos, tape or glue the photographs and pictures to all sides of the box including the lid and the bottom, ideally covering all of it. To save it from destruction you could wrap the box in clear sticky paper to prevent it from being ripped or dribbled on.

The left-over photographs can now be put inside the box and used as flashcards for your little one. Pull out a photo and say, “is this baby happy or sad?”. You can also use the box to store anything you like or simply let your little one play with it as it is.

It’s a good idea to find a special place on a shelf or in your little one’s room to store the photo box so that you know where it is and can quickly take it out for playtime.

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