Obstacle course fun!

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Obstacle course fun!

Babies and toddlers of any age are able to get enjoyment and benefit from home-made obstacle courses.

For this activity you will need cushions, pillows, soft blankets and a comfortable floor space. Set up the soft area in a messy way with pillows, cushions and blankets overlapping each other, so the path is not flat.

Take your baby by the waist and “walk” them slowly over the course. The feel of the different surfaces and heights under baby’s feet is exciting for them and the more you practise, the faster you will see the natural walking reflexes kick in. Experiment with rolling baby from side to side as well.

When baby is showing an interest in crawling, you can add some new elements to the course, such as a tunnel made from cardboard boxes – see all that packaging from online deliveries can come in handy!

To add interest you can place one of baby’s favourite toys at the end of the tunnel and see if he can spot it and move towards it.

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