Paper play

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Paper play

The common piece of paper can become one of the most enjoyable and creative toys your little one gets to play with!

Spend some time collecting a variety of coloured paper. Great ideas include tissue paper, light-weight or extra strong cardboard, textured paper, shiny and colourful wrapping paper, A4 printer paper, ruled notebook sheets and so on.

Prepare some of these types of paper by cutting them into new and interesting shapes and sizes like circles, squares, diamonds and rectangles. All the pre-preparation will make for hours of fun later and will help with conversations about the paper as you play.

When you are ready, position your child in a clear space on the floor, or at the table in the high-chair, with the pile of paper within your reach. One at a time, give your little one a new piece and let her explore the properties of each sheet.

After a little while, show her some different things you can do with the paper, like scrunch it into a ball, tear it, fold it or get it to float from above your head. Remember to have a box nearby to store and recycle the paper when you’re done.

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