Bells and chimes

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Bells and chimes

This can be a lovely way to distract a fussing baby. Leave some handy chimes or bells around the house, or in the car. Glass or crystal, metal spoons, bells, a tuning fork, wind chimes or musical instruments will all have the same effect.

When your little one is feeling a little tired and is perhaps close to tears, try using the chimes to distract them. Ring the bell, strike the fork, jangle the wind chimes or pluck at a guitar.

Your baby will be surprised and tune into the lovely soothing sound the chimes make. Repeat the sound once you have baby’s attention then when they are calm, stop the chimes and save for next time.

Try to sing a little song to go with the jingle-jangle music – a fun version of ‘Jingle Bells’ will entertain your little one. Another good tune is ‘Brother John’ where you can use the chimes for the bell-ringing parts.

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