Post office

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Post office

Toddlers love to “write” and this is a great way to introduce them to letters and communication.

Make a post box together out of a shoe-box or small cardboard box, cutting a small slot in the front and painting it green.

Give your child paper and crayons and encourage them to write letters. Give them envelopes and stickers as stamps as well. If you’re feeling a little more creative you can help them to make a greeting card for teddy or dolly.

Get other family members involved in letter writing too and write your own mail to read to your toddler.

When your little one has become familiar with the idea of writing and sending letters, you can help them to write a letter or make a card for Granny, Uncle Paul or Aunty Jenny.

Take a stroll to your local post office and buy some real stamps with your little one and let them see what they look like. Little ones always like the stamps with pictures of animals, like a hare, badger, or fox.

They can choose which ones they prefer and then stick them on to the letter or card. Then together, you can pop the very important letter into the nearby post box.

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