Push me, pull me

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Push me, pull me

So it finally happened! Your quietly sitting baby has started to move around the house crawling, creeping and pulling at anything they can reach.

Take advantage of this new active nature by providing fun, movable objects that will build up their budding muscles.

Good items you may already have in your home for this kind of play include little one-size tables and chairs, (the wooden kind are the most sturdy), plastic linen baskets, large wooden toy cars, wheelie block trays, buckets with handles that won’t jam little fingers, toys that roll along the ground that are too large to lift (for example a fit ball) and anything else that can be pushed or pulled along the floor.

You will find that you don’t need to give too much encouragement for this type of play, but if extra motivation is needed, why not get some teddies as willing participants? Do the teddy bears want to go on a ride around the living room in the bucket? How about singing “Row, row, row your boat” as dolly sails down the river!

Demonstrating how to pull and push (and using those words too) will prompt your little one to try it herself.

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