Quiet time play – part 1

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Quiet time play – part 1

Babies get tired and worn out just as much as adults do, but unlike us, they can’t tell you what they need to do to relax! Try our suggestions and tips below at the same time every day, as baby will learn that they signal “quiet time”.

Musical magic – Try getting in the habit of playing easy listening music at the end of a busy day. It doesn’t have to be classical music, Dean Martin or the Sound of Music soundtrack can be just as good! My little one loves the theme from the Harry Potter movies and it sometimes helps her to nap.

Dim the lights – Turning on lamps, and turning off the main lights is another signal to baby that it’s quiet time. If it’s dark enough, try playing with the light from a torch with baby on your lap.

Get cosy – Use soft blankets, cushions, and teddy bears and get down on the floor with baby. Play quietly with the soft toys together or just talk to your little baby about what you can see around you and what you did today. Sometimes it’s nice to drape a soft blanket over your head while you’re holding your little one and enjoy the serenity of your homemade ‘baby cave’.

Books – Reading to and with baby is lovely as your voice (their favourite sound!) becomes rhythmic and relaxed when you read. Mix it up a little by reading some nursery rhymes. Picture books in which the main character has a little sleep or goes to bed at the end can be a cue for baby to have some snuggle time.

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