Quiet time play – part 2

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Quiet time play – part 2

Following on from our blog post, Quiet Time Play – Part 1, here are some more ideas.

Try our suggestions and tips below at the same time every day, as baby will learn that they signal “quiet time”.

Bubbles – There is nothing like the wonder of tiny floating bubbles to encourage peace and tranquillity in a baby.

Clear the room – Try to spend quiet time away from distractions. If siblings want to join in, encourage them to have quiet time as well.

Change the tone – Your voice is a good indicator to baby of the mood around them so when your voice is calm and soft, baby will respond in the same way.

Flashcards – Bring out a set of flashcards to stimulate the brain but not the body. The Baby Einstein range has great educational cards that are a good size for little hands and have brilliant pictures from the real world too.

Massage – Most babies really enjoy and respond to the comfort of a massage. Use a natural oil (one with a hint of lavender is lovely and calming) and spend time rubbing into hands, legs and feet.

Rock-a-bye-baby – A rocking chair can make quiet time that little bit easier for mums and dads. If you don’t have one, then just gently rock back and forth on a comfortable chair for a couple of minutes to soothe baby. You can also gently rock baby as you walk around the room. I usually try to sing a nice soothing lullaby, okay, singing may be stretching it but baby adores your voice so go on, give it a go!

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