Rattle cans

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Rattle cans

Here is an opportunity to recycle some empty containers, like coffee cans or similar, as toys for your baby.

Use an empty coffee tin and put in a handful of marbles, acorns, pebbles, small stones or dried beans. Anything can be used that will make a loud noise against the metal of the tin.

Secure the lid tightly using tape the whole way around the lid and tin. Cover the whole tin with bright wrapping paper or contact (sticky-backed) paper.

A baby learning to crawl can rattle these around the floor. Just watch your little one try to follow the tin as it rolls about the room!

Making a set of these is great fun and as baby gets older the way they play with them will change.

Try changing the paper on the outside regularly to provide a different stimulating design, and change the contents as well to allow baby hear new sounds.

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