Scarf symphony!

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Scarf symphony!

Here is a great way to stimulate your baby’s vision and hearing.

Your little one will love watching colourful scarves dance before her eyes as she listens to her favourite tunes.

Purchase some colourful sheer scarves, these are available at most fabric and craft stores. Stand or sit in front of your baby with the scarves.

As you listen to music or sing a song, swing the scarves at your baby’s eye level from side to side or around in circles to the rhythm. Hand baby a pair of scarves to play with too!

Scarves are also great for playing peek-a-boo to the rhythm of the music. You can make up your own peek-a-boo lyrics to go along with whatever song you’re listening to at the time. Remember to vary your pitch and the tempo to keep your little one interested as the scarves waft gently around her.

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