Scooping silliness

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Scooping silliness

The simple delight in scooping and pouring dry items provides at least an hour’s worth of continuous fun, not to mention plenty of fine motor skill development.

Set up a space in the kitchen (so you can vacuum up the inevitable mess later!) and give your little one an assortment of bowls, mixing jugs, funnels, scoops and different sized plastic cups. Grab a small bag of lentils and encourage your child to get playing.

Children are fascinated by the sound and texture of the lentils as they play with them, and will adore the chance to make a mess as they pour and scoop.

Want another idea? How about trying out some other fun food items? Uncooked rice makes a great sound when poured into a cardboard tube. Dry pasta comes in many unique and interesting shapes and sizes and is just perfect for stringing together or painting and gluing.

You could also raid your kitchen cupboards for some dried chick peas and get your little one to help you put them in a clean, empty plastic bottle and you’ve got a homemade shaker!

And a small box of couscous becomes an indoor sand pit for small trucks and cars, or those plastic zoo animals when the weather outside is not co-operating!

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