Sock play

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Sock play

This is one of those “that’s so simple why didn’t I think of it?” activities and you will be surprised at the enjoyment small children get from it.

Grab three or four pairs of brightly coloured and patterned socks (all matched up please!) and place them in a basket. Put the basket in front of your little one.

Chances are she will immediately start trying to put them on and off her feet and hands. You can get involved by talking about colour, asking her which is her favourite colour and what patterns does she like.

You can also put them on your own hands as sock puppets or simply be silly and purposefully put them on the wrong parts, like on your ears or head.

One of the silly things I like to do is trying to blow a sock up like a balloon. I’m always ‘surprised’ it doesn’t work!

Guaranteed entertainment for you and your little one!

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