Sock puppets

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Sock puppets

Possibly one of the simplest yet most effective forms of children’s entertainment in a hurry!

All you need is a sock (preferably light in colour), a black, red and green marker, and your imagination. Pop the sock on your hand, draw some eyes, mouth and nose and off you go!

Try playing different characters, changing your voice to keep your little one entertained. Make animal noises and have them guess which animal you’re pretending to be, and even sing!

Play peek-a-boo, use two puppets and have them “talk” to each other… Give your little one the chance to talk to their puppet friend – they’ll probably try to grab at it straight away! That’s why a second puppet is useful, letting you continue the “puppet show” while they explore the sock puppet for themselves.

The opportunities for fun are endless! Keep a sock puppet in the nappy bag for a quick distraction when tears are on the horizon.

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