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Investing in a wide selection of stickers to be stored in your car, handbag, changing bag and anywhere else you can think of, is a great idea!

A fussing toddler can be kept distracted for more than five minutes with a packet of stickers, as the simple act of trying to peel them off requires concentration while calm is restored.

Simple block stickers used in the office are great, as they come in primary colours, are usually either a star, circle, rectangle or square shape, and are available at newsagents or arts and craft shops. At the end of the day your little one doesn’t mind what it looks like so long as it sticks!

These stickers are good for drawing on, so you could draw your toddler and put her name on the sticker and ask her to place it wherever she wants. Draw some more pictures of other family members or even your pet!

Your little one may have a favourite cartoon character or toy that comes in sticker form. You can put a large piece of art paper on a wall and get them to place the stickers on it (they’ll probably end up on other parts of your wall too!)

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