Sweep it up

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Sweep it up

Maybe it’s the satisfaction of seeing a big pile of dirt, or maybe it’s simply a natural desire to help – whatever the reason, most small children are crazy about sweeping, so give yours a diminutive broom or push mop and a dustpan and brush.

He’ll have a great time using it, and your floor might even get clean in the process. This is a good activity to help develop their hand-eye coordination. Don’t stop at the dustpan and brush though; mix it up by offering a damp sponge for cleaning the cupboard door and a clean tea towel for drying plastic dishes!

Plastic spray bottles, which you can get in hardware stores or Ikea, are great for play-cleaning. Put some water into them, mind you don’t fill them up too much or you’ll have puddles! Let your little one squirt the water on the window and wipe it with a cloth.

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