The best leaf window pane

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The best leaf window pane

It’s important these days to encourage children to recycle, and this a fun way to make a window decoration using what’s available in nature as art!

You’ll need lots of interesting nature objects like leaves, grass, flower petals, small pebbles, feathers, small branches, bark and anything else you want from the environment. You will also need a large piece of clear contact paper, tape, scissors (for grown-ups), a hole-punch and ribbon for displaying.

Go for a walk in the park (what a great excuse!) and together with your child, take up a collection of as many leaves, bits of grass, flower petals, and even small branches that you can carry. Remember to name all the items as you go along. A little bucket or basket is good for carrying your new-found treasure!

When home help your child arrange them onto the sticky side of the piece of clear contact paper. When he’s done (after lots of rearranging of materials I’m sure) place a second piece of contact sticky-side down on top of the objects and press to seal it.

Trim the edges (try cutting yours into a circle shape), punch a hole in the top, and hang it in a window with a short length of ribbon.

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