Torch magic

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Torch magic

Think how hypnotizing it would be to watch a searchlight sweep through the sky. You can achieve the same effect with a torch in a dark room.

Make a cosy corner in a room with lots of cushions or maybe some beanbags to sit on. Let your toddler sit on your lap. Shine the torch beam slowly over the walls and ceiling, encouraging your little one to follow the moving light with her eyes. Let your toddler hold and shine the torch as well.

If your toddler is happy to hold the torch for a bit longer you could try to make some shadow puppets on one of the walls. Give her the chance to guess what the shapes are, for example a rabbit or a dog and make the animal sounds to help her identify your puppet pals.

You could also get some glow in the dark stickers for the walls or ceilings to make the playtime more interesting.

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