Baby mobiles

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Baby mobiles

Babies learn best through their senses in their first year, and no sense is stronger than the sense of sight.

An easy way to do this is with baby mobiles you have made yourself. There are hundreds of beautiful mobiles on the market, but the best thing is to have one that you can change the objects on to keep it interesting for your little one.

Interiors and lifestyle shops can stock picture mobiles with hanging pegs.

Or you can use a plastic clothes airer in a circle shape with pegs attached. This way the things you hang on the mobile can be changed regularly.

Try hanging baby socks or shiny objects, Christmas tinsel or sparkly festive ornaments as well as pictures of family and friends.

Remember that when baby is gazing at his fun mobile you can point out and name all of the interesting things for him to see. You can also sing a little song to match the some of the objects, for example Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for the shiny decorations.

If you have a small stuffed toy on the mobile why not make the matching animal sound, like the grrrrr of a little bear.

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