Pony rides

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Pony rides

As baby’s neck strength and head control increase, you can take her on some gentle pony rides. Pony rides are superb for a baby who is about to cry, as the movement and close interaction with you is a great distraction!

Sit baby up on your knees, facing you, holding her arms for support. As you recite a rhyme, gently bounce baby up and down, holding on tight. Try short nursery rhymes like Row, row, your boat and Humpty Dumpty.

Here is another rhyme which is good for helping baby learn balance.

Sit on the floor with your baby on your lap facing you. Say this little verse:

Father and Mother and Uncle John rode to the doctor, one by one.
Father fell off, (slide baby to one side)
Mother fell off, (slide baby to the other side)
And Uncle John rode on and on
And on and on and on!

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