The best cafe in town

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The best cafe in town

Toddlers love to play pretend, and it’s even more fun when they are in charge! With a tiny bit of preparation by you, an afternoon full of fun in their very own cafe is just around the corner!

Gather together your cafe props: menu, plates, cups (plastic ones are good, wedding china or family heirlooms not so good). Help your toddler fold the napkins or squares of kitchen roll, set the table and help her to “write” your order and pour you water refreshments!

You can even draw a sign on a little blackboard or sheet of paper with the name of the new cafe.

Enjoy this playtime at the kitchen table or if you have a set of toddler-size chairs and table you can get down to your little one’s level and make it even more fun for them.

Don’t forget to give a generous tip to the cafe owner before you leave. At the end of the playtime show your little one how to tidy up; they may even try to ‘help’.

If you have time (while she’s having a nap) you could bake some special fairy cakes for her to serve in her cafe. Sooooo delicious!

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