Get Moving


Get Moving

Tips and tricks to help baby become more active!It is never too early to introduce active play to babies.

Spending some time every day on play that strengthens and builds tiny muscles, is time well spent, and contributes to growing a healthy and strong little person! Try these ideas below whenever you can:

  • Reach for it: next time baby wants the soother, bottle, teddy bear or book, try to hold back from putting it into their hands. Hold the item a little way out of reach so that baby needs to stretch out their arms to grab it.
  • Tummy time: Every day should include at least 5 minutes on babies tummy. Mix up the props and surface baby lays on. Try unusual props to look at like a large feather, a pair of bright earrings or a crackly piece of rolled up wrapping paper to maintain babys interest. Consider using rolled up towels, soft sheepskin rugs and even your own fit ball as surfaces to lay on. And remember, dont give in straight away when baby complains and try to extend the time spent on stomachs every day.
  • Roll me over: Practice rolling baby from side to side in a rocking motion, and vary the speed from fast rolls to slow. Even a crawling, active baby benefits from roll over play as it encourages balance and coordination.Music: Use music every day to dance with your baby. Helping them clap, swing thier arms, shake thier head and stamp thier little feet to the music.
  • Balls are best: Regardless of age, balls are hands down the best exercise for babies. Spend time with baby kicking, rolling, pushing or even simply banging the ball.




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