My flower pot!

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My flower pot!

This is a fun, creative project for a toddler that lets their artistic side shine through! Decorating a flower pot is not only fun, but it’s a great chance to introduce gardening to children as well.

You can pick up some small terracotta pots in some of the supermarkets, or DIY stores and they aren’t too expensive. Use paint, construction paper, glue, glitter etc, maybe cut out some flower shapes or tie some nice ribbon, be as creative as you want.

I find that puffy paints work well and you can create all sorts of funny shapes with it. Stickers can come in handy too – the glittery the better!

Clear a space on the floor or at the kitchen table, remembering to use plenty of paper or an old oil cloth to protect the surface.

You can paint and decorate a pot as well, chatting to your little one about what sort of plant they would like to grow in their pot when their masterpiece is finished.

Afterwards, take a trip to the garden centre and pick up a potting plant or some seeds for your new pot.

Help your little one to water the plant after you put it in the pot and watch it grow!

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