The best things in life are in free!

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The best things in life are in free!

The best things in life are in free, and your own house equals hours of fun! We spend time every day seeking entertainment for the little ones, but sometimes the best toys and distractions available are already in your home. Take a look below for some ideas:

Cups & scoops: Great for water play! Put in the bath and practice pouring. Also helps babies and toddlers get used to water in the eyes!

Magazines & newspapers: Babies love looking at the pictures, ripping up the paper and playing with the balls (that you make by scrunching up the paper!)! Toddlers like “reading” them and they can be used in glue and collage projects.

Plastic & paper goods: Remember that cupboard full of picnic gear? Well bring them out! The cutlery is great for play-doh, the plates become puppet faces, and the cups become blocks.

Play with your food: Yes, food! Rice crispies are great for scooping, and for babies they make great fine motor skill play (and are fun to eat!), fruit is great for printing with paint and large pasta shells are perfect for threading and gluing.

Sponges & cloths: Let your toddler help with the cleaning, give them a bucket of soapy water and some of their favourite toys and let them go. A cold, wet cloth in the freezer becomes a teething miracle for babies.

Pots & pans: Now this is noisy but good! Grab your metal pots and pans, grab some wooden spoons and plastic cooking utensils and let your mini musicians take the lead. They will love the sound the pots make and it has the added bonus of building the muscles in their tiny arms too!

These are only my ideas, I bet you have lot’s of your own too….

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