Feed the birds!

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Feed the birds!

Toddlers enjoy watching birds sing and sit in the back garden, and this activity gives them a chance to practise being kind to nature!

You’ll need half a stale bagel, a plastic knife, honey, birdseed, ribbon or string (and a willing adult to help!).

First, let your toddler drench the bagel in honey, yes it’s messy but so much fun! Next, roll the bagel in lots of birdseed, covering as much of it as you can (any old birdseed will do).

Finally, put the ribbon or string through the centre of the bagel and tie in a loop. Go into the back garden together and hang the bagel from a tree or pole outside.

Make sure you and your little one spend time every day looking out the window to see the birds enjoying the sweet treat!

You can point out the different colours on the birds and even find out some of their names. You can count the number of birds that sample your goodies.

In winter time, the birds may munch through the sweet bagel very quickly so you can always put make another treat and put it out in the back garden for them.

If your little one is really interested in all the wildlife in your garden, then buying a child-size pair of binoculars will help them to keep a closer eye on your feathered friends.

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