Tags of fun!

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Tags of fun!

Babies seem to get the best enjoyment out of the most ordinary things. Tags and labels on clothes are no exception to this rule.

Make them their very own tag cloth for hours of fun.

You’ll need brightly coloured and textured ribbons (make sure the ribbons are wide enough for baby to play with and are not too thin), needle and thread, scissors and a soft face cloth.

Cut the ribbons into small pieces big enough to fold in half. Sew the ribbon folds onto the edges of the washcloth, using all four sides.

When sewn on nice and tight, the ribbons become tags like you find on your clothes and baby will love spending hours playing with each one.

If you would like to add a bit more interest to the tag cloth, then you could always sew on some buttons in a variety of colours and shapes. More fun for your little one!

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