My crafts box

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My crafts box

How to build a fun box that will keep your little one amused for hours!

It’s never too soon to get your toddler involved in art and craft play. The best thing is the options are never ending and the materials used range from a paintbrush to a toothpick! Use the below ideas to start your own kit.

The box: Choose sturdy plastic boxes with good lids for storing materials. A plastic tool box is a great choice.Crayons, pencils & markers: Thick crayons are best and choose short pencils for young toddlers. Look out for non-toxic markers for the older toddler.

Stickers & Tape: A lifesaver! Stock up on as many different styles and colours of tape and stickers.Paper & cardboard: Try to choose different colours and sizes than the usual white paper, and even textures like corrugated cardboard and wallpaper lining.

Paint: Non-toxic is best. Invest in some plastic paint cups with detachable lids for safe and tidy storing of paints. Tempera paint is an easy paint for your child to work with. It has a nice smooth texture and comes in many colours.Shiny things: Don’t forget to include as much glitter, sequins, gift wrap, silver and gold stamps and ribbon as you can handle!

Glue: White craft glue works best for any craft projects, whilst glue sticks are best for general paper activities.

Recyclables: You can reuse materials such as egg cartons, cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, and milk cartons and tins for many activities.

The extras: Chalk, erasers, play dough, food colouring, kid’s scissors, rulers and your imagination!

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