Rhythm rambles!

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Rhythm rambles!

Here is a great way to start learning about rhythm and melody (and it’s loads of fun as well!).

Sit in a comfortable place with your toddler, and give them two “rhythm sticks”. Rhythm sticks can be any wooden items you like so long as there are two the same, such as two wooden spoons.

Start tapping a simple rhythm and encourage your toddler to copy you. An easy start is to tap and say “tap, tap” each time.

When they have the hang of it, change the rhythm and try tapping fast, tapping slow, loud and soft.

Provided your ears can take a bit more volume, try tapping on some saucepans or upturned plastic sand buckets or plastic containers from the kitchen.

Your little one will love the different sounds that she can make. You can mash up some favourite children’s tunes such as Wheels on the Bus, along the lines of, ‘Oh, the sticks on the drum go up and down.
Up and down, up and down…’

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